Roxy History

The Roxy Theater was built in 1935 as a movie theater. It showed classics like Shirley Temple movies, “Gone with the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz.” It operated as a movie theater until 1981. It then became vacant and in 1987 it was renovated to become a live production theater. There were no dressing rooms, stairs, door or a bathroom backstage. In 1996 the Saint Anthony Work Camp donated their time to help build these upgrades along with handicapped seating and a utility storage closet. Also at that time, the building and neon sign were sand blasted to be re-painted, the front of the building was re-vamped and insulation and stage lighting were added to it.

Now, in 2011, there have been upgrades to make it a multi-use theater for live productions and movies. There is a state of the art surround sound system newly installed and the original Silver Movie Screen, just like in the old days! We have 352 seats, enough to sit the whole town! This is just the beginning of the renewed theater, and there will be more upgrades and memories to come.

Sources include, but are not limited to:
-Idaho Heritage
-Various people who helped renovate the Roxy
-Scrapbooks in the Roxy Office with pictures and news articles 

-American Classic Images